Yiddish Fall 2021 Courses

YDSH 10a, Beginning Yiddish

MTWTh 12 - 1:30 PM, M 12 - 1 PM

Professor Ellen Kellman

The first of a four-semester sequence, this course introduces basic Yiddish grammar. Students also develop reading, writing, and conversational skills. Yiddish songs, poetry, and folklore are incorporated throughout.

YDSH 30a, Intermediate Yiddish

MTWTh 10 - 11:30 am

Professor Ellen Kellman

Prerequisite: YDSH 20b or permission of the instructor. Meets for four class hours per week.

Third in a four-semester sequence. Students continue to develop reading skills as they sample texts from Yiddish prose fiction, folklore, and memoir literature. Grammatical instruction is more contextualized than in the previous courses. Speaking and writing skills are strongly emphasized.