Yiddish Spring 2021 Courses

Three people sitting at a table smiling with paper and crafts on the table.
YDSH 20b Continuing Yiddish

MTWTh 12 - 1:30 pm

Professor Ellen Kellman

Continues the study of grammar begun in YDSH 10a. Writing and speaking skills receive more emphasis than in the previous course, and students begin to build vocabulary and reading skills that will enable them to comprehend more complex texts. The history and culture of Eastern European Jewry are studied through Yiddish songs, films, and literature. (Meets 4 hours/week.)

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YDSH 40b Advanced Intermediate Yiddish

MTWTh 10 - 11:30 am

Professor Ellen Kellman

The fourth in a four-semester sequence, this course is a continuation of YDSH 30a. Students discuss assigned texts in Yiddish. Written assignments emphasize the development of fluency and grammatical accuracy. Skills for using Yiddish in academic research are taught. (Meets 4 hours/week.)