Congratulations to Professor Ilana Szobel on the publication of her new book of poetry, Once Upon a Days [בשכבר הימים הבאים], by Iton 77 publishing house. A copy will be available in the Brandeis Library and the NEJS office!


We are thrilled to announce that we have collaborated with theatre dybbuk to present a unique 5 episode series; part of their current season of The Dybbukast! In this partnership, 5 NEJS scholars were featured: Professors Dar Brooks Hedstrom, Jonathan Decter, Yuval Evri, Ziva Hassenfeld, and Jonathan Sarna. 

Each professor presents his or her analysis of the history and meaning behind a special text.  The scholarly insights and observations are intercut with readings of the text performed by actors from theatre dybbuk, resulting in an entertaining exploration of the themes and topic at hand.

2 NEJS Students Successfully Defend their Dissertations this Summer!

Congratulations to these PhD Students!

  1. Lenin Prado "Anything You Can Do, I can do Better" -  Priestly Narrative of the Yahwistic Plague Narrative

  2. Deborah Feingold "Aging in Modern Hebrew Literature: Feminist and Queer Readings of the Subject and the Nation"

New Perspectives in American Jewish History

New Perspectives in American Jewish History

August 16, 2022

Tribute to Professor Jonathan Sarna

Nearly three dozen academics and archivists, all former students of Professor Jonathan Sarna, selected and annotated over 50 rare, little-known documents from American Jewish History over the past 400 years in tribute to their dedicated mentor, Dr. Sarna.  The editors, Mark A. Raider and Gary Phillip Zola, have assembled them into a beautiful book, thereby illuminating the incalculable historical impact Professor Sarna himself has had through his extraordinary mentorship.
Brandeis Now shares five of those stories with comments by Professor Sarna.