Arabic Fall 2021 Courses

ARBC 10a, Beginning Arabic I

MTWTh 10–11:30 AM

Professor Hanan Khashaba

A first course in literary Arabic, covering essentials of grammar, reading, pronunciation, translation, and composition. A grade of C- or higher in ARBC 10a is required to take ARBC 20b

ARBC 30a, Intermediate Arabic I

MTWTh 12–1:30 PM

Professor Hanan Khashaba

Prerequisite: A grade of C- or higher in ARBC 20B or the equivalent. Yields six semester-hour credits towards rate of work and graduation. Six class hours per week.

Continuation of ARBC 10a and 20b. Study of more advanced grammatical and syntactical forms, reading, speaking, composition and translation. A grade of C- or higher in ARBC 30a is required to take any higher-level course. 


ARBC 103a, Lower Advanced Arabic

MW 8 - 9:30 AM, Th 8:30 - 9:20 AM

Professor Carl El-Tobgui

Prerequisite: A grade of C- or higher in ARBC 40b or the equivalent. Four class-hours per week.

Designed to help the student attain advanced proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding. The syllabus includes selections from modern texts representing a variety of styles and genres, advanced composition, and sustained development of oral-aural proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. A grade of C- or higher in ARBC 103a is required to take ARBC 103b.

IMES 104a, Islam: Civilization and Institutions

MW 12 - 1:30 PM

Professor Aaron Spevack

This course provides a disciplined study of Islamic civilization from its origins to the modern period. Approaches the study from a humanities perspective. Topics covered will include the Qur'an, hadith, law, theology, politics, Islam and other religions, modern developments, and women in Islam.