Anna Ardelean

Anna is a recent graduate of the University of Southern Indiana, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and minored in Africana Studies, Spanish Studies, and Pre-Law. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Public Policy degree at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. A member of the Economic and Racial equity concentration, Anna is specifically studying weight discrimination policy. In the past, she has held various positions working in student affairs, political organizing, local government, party politics, and voting rights advocacy.

As Graduate Assistant to Waltham Group, Anna works to advise and support the Community and Social Justice Coordinator in their efforts to center anti-racism and advocacy in our engagement as an organization. This is primarily through assisting the planning of Community Action Programs (CAPs), which focus on the systemic nature of the Waltham Group volunteer programs. She also helps assess and measure the impact of Waltham Group clubs. Anna is looking forward to working with the Department of Student Engagement staff and building more relationships within the Brandeis community. In her free time, Anna loves to go thrifting, have craft days with her friends, and go on long drives with good music.