Deepa Khatri

Contact Information

Deepa oversees the financial operations for Brandeis’s undergraduate clubs and organizations. She manages and oversees the Student Activity Fee Fund and is responsible for the creation, control, and implementation of the financial policies around it. Deepa collaborates with student leaders, staff, and campus partners on the allocation and reconciliation process of the Student Activity Fee and helps support club financial Management.  She also ensures that all financial transactions, auditing, and information system processes continue to meet the needs of the students and University as a whole

Deepa is a Brandeis Alumna, she graduated from the Heller school and received her dual degree with MA in International Development and MS in Global Health Policy and Management in May 2021. She entered her Masters with 8 years of experience working in the area of Project Management, Strategy and Organizational Development. Before her graduation, she trained and worked with young people from around the world, mainly using the tools of Intern-cultural exchange, social leadership and project management. She is interested in Education,  empowering young students, Data, Management and Technology.