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IRCA workshops, articles and services are designed to support individuals with autism as well as families and professionals.

The Institute was designed to provide a collaborative, intellectual approach to building up the knowledge and policies for individuals with disabilities as well as their families. The Institute encompasses several training centers, lecture series, and publications.

Contracted by the Social Security Administration new Disability Research Consortium to conduct disability policy research, specifically on entry into SSA programs. This cooperative is in conjunction with several partners including University of Massachusetts Medical School. View consortium publications.

Initially started as a research project at Catholic University, it has grown into a collective database of more than 70,000 articles and documents on disability and independent living. You can request specific information through their online portal, as well as directly contact the staff through their event calendar page. Ideal place to begin any academic research.

In addition to research projects and articles, there is also information on services to support parents with disabilities, along with information about working with social workers, researchers and legal professionals.

A nonpartisan non-profit research institution, it disseminates news stories on current trends and issues facing the disabled community, particularly for those utilizing social security disability benefits. They also conduct their own research and projects. is a culmination of disability-focused research projects housed at the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire. Both past and current grant-funded projects are described and share their body of work in the form of publications, events, expert staff, and results.

The Lurie Institute conducts cross-disciplinary research on disability policy in the United States with a special emphasis on autism, focusing on the lifespan of persons with disabilities and their families, and analyzing policy options for achieving the broadest integration of persons with disabilities into the mainstream of U.S. society, including their own voices in such analyses. Includes research and policy briefs.

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