Campus Posting Policies

Basic Brand Guidelines

  • Clubs are required to include "Brandeis" or "Brandeis University," in English, on all advertising materials and clothing designs.
  • Clubs are required to receive approval to use the official Brandeis logo.

For All Promotional Materials, Including Clothing

  1. The Brandeis logo is the foundation of our visual identity. The elements of the logo have been carefully considered and cannot be re-created or reconfigured.
  2. The Brandeis logo may not be altered or combined with other text and graphics to make a new logo.
  3. The Brandeis logo should have appropriate placement on apparel or any other usage.
  4. The Brandeis logo's official color is Brandeis Blue. The HEX is #002E6C. The only other acceptable logo colors are white or black.
  5. The intended logo usage is subject to approval and may be denied if it is deemed inappropriate or misused.

For All Posters and Advertisements

  1. If posters/advertising are using the Brandeis logo, it must adhere to the specifications above.
  2. All posters/advertising must have the name of the club.
  3. All posters/advertising must have the date, time, and location of event.
  4. All printed material (flyers/posters) must have a recycle symbol.
  5. When posting flyers on campus, make sure you are familiar with the specific location's policies.

Postings must follow Rights and Responsibilities Section 6.1.