Campus Posting Policies

Flyer, Poster, and Chalking Policies

Students are required to utilize the posting boards provided specifically for publicity purposes, and to post in acceptable areas of campus. These policies are in place to keep the campus clean and to ensure the safety of students.

According to Section 6.2 of Rights and Responsibilities

“Posters, banners, lawn signs, handbills, or notices may be displayed only on spaces designated for that purpose, such as bulletin boards. Postings in Usdan and Shapiro Campus Center require the stamped approval of the Department of Student Engagement. Postings in the residence halls require the approval of the Department of Community Living (see 9.8.). If you are posting in a different building on campus, you are responsible for ensuring you align with their specified posting policies. Placement of posters, handbills, notices, and the like on trees, lawns, sidewalks, statues, motor vehicles, permanent University signage, emergency blue light phones, stairwells, windows, fire suppression equipment, or fire exterior doors is prohibited. Postings that violate other policy Sections, including but not limited to, Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Violence, and disruption of scheduled speakers or events, Section 7.6, will not be approved and may be removed. All postings must have a group or sponsor identified. Failure to do so may result in removal of the posted material. If you are seeking to post in relation to a campus protest and/or demonstration, you are encouraged to reach out to the Dean of Students Office to assist in accommodation of reasonable needs for both the University community and those engaged in acts of speech or protest.”

Lawn Signs and Sandwich Boards

(Effective 1/1/2024). Lawn signs are not allowed on campus. There are two (2) exceptions; 1. Directional event signs may be used for special events but only when issued by Public Safety or University Events and must be tied to an event or activity occurring that day or one day prior. 2. Signs labeling a current, in place, exhibition at the location of the exhibition. It is expected that event/activity/exhibit organizers remove all signs within one business day following the event/activity; failure to do so will result in the signs being removed by university staff.

Chalking on Campus

If your organization is planning to write with chalk, you may only do so on sidewalk pathways. Chalk should not be used on buildings, lawn or building signs, patios, or other inappropriate locations. Additionally, anything written or drawn must be appropriate and follow the guidelines of Rights and Responsibilities. If chalking that violates university policy  is found on campus, the chalking may be removed by the university and the involved parties may be referred to SRCS.