Main Branches

The Student Union’s five main branches (Executive Board, Allocations Board, Senate, Treasury, and Judiciary) are responsible for carrying out a wide variety of critical functions meant to enhance students’ quality of life at our university.

First and foremost, Union members are all campus leaders and advocates. We represent the needs of a diverse student body by working collaboratively on a variety of individual and group initiatives, and by meeting regularly with senior university administrators. Additionally, the Allocations Board allocates over $2.1 million, or 1% of all students’ tuition (otherwise known as the “Student Activities Fund” – SAF) to over 150 student-run clubs and campus organizations, all of which are recognized and supported by the Union Senate.

This year, the Union will be focusing specifically on issues related to affordability, diversity and inclusion, outreach, transparency and accountability of both the Union and administration, and campus pride. We hope to have you join us as we help move Brandeis forward to its next stage of excellence!