Article V: Senate Meeting Procedure

Section 1

The Parliamentary rules, as set out in the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order, shall govern the conduct of all official meetings of the Student Union Senate, except as may otherwise be provided for in the Union Constitution and these Bylaws.

Section 2

Meetings of the Senate shall be held at least once every ten academic days during the Spring and Fall Semesters.

Section 3

All business and legislation of the Senate must be submitted to the Executive Senator at least three days prior to the Senate meeting. Executive session may not be discussed with people who were not present for discussion.

Section 4

The following shall be special rules of order:

  • (a) A straw poll vote shall be taken upon the request of one senator.

  • (b) Members of the Senate shall be limited to three minutes per speech, at the discretion of the Vice President, except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws.

  • (c) The Senate shall have the power to enter executive session by majority vote.

    • (i) An executive session shall consist of only the Senate and other individuals that it requests.

    • (ii) Unless mentioned in these Bylaws, no business may be voted upon in executive session.

    • (iii) The Senate may, by majority vote, move out of executive session.

    • (iv) Executive session may be recorded but not broadcast.

Section 5

Proxy votes can only be accepted for excused absences by the President of the Senate.

  • (a) Proxy votes are only for amendments, clubs or SMRs which have been discussed at a meeting prior to the vote. This is not applicable to club chartering/recognition votes the day of the meeting.

  • (b) Proxy votes can be overridden by a ⅔ Senate vote.

Section 6

For each item brought to a vote, there shall be one round of voting. During this round, each member may cast his or her vote only once.

Section 7

The order of business of meetings of the Union Senate shall be:

  • (a) Call to Order

  • (b) Roll Call

  • (c) Charters/Recognitions/Decharters

  • (d) Communications

    • (i) Student Communications

    • (ii) Administrative Communications

    • (iii) University Committee Reports

  • (e) Executive Officer Reports

  • (f) Senate Committee Chair Reports

  • (g) Unfinished Business

  • (h) New business

  • (i) Senator Reports

  • (j) Public Comment and Open Forum


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