Article II: Union Officers

Section 1

All Student Union Executive Officers, Senators, Allocations Board Members, Justices of the Union Judiciary, and Union Representatives shall be considered "Union Officers."

Section 2

Is as follows:

  • (a) Executive Officers shall report before the Senate at least once every two Senate meetings.

  • (b) All other Union Officers shall periodically report before the Senate.

  • (c) The Senate may, by majority vote, mandate that a particular Union Officer report before the Senate.

Section 3

All Union Officers shall hold weekly office hours.

  • (a) Executive Officers shall hold five office hours per week.

  • (b) All Senators, Union Representatives, Justices of the Union Judiciary, and Members of the Allocations Board shall hold three office hours per week.

Section 4

Student Representatives shall be appointed to University Committees by the Union President, subject to confirmation by the Senate.

Section 5

All Branch Heads and Senate Committee Chairs must take attendance at meetings to ensure that Union Officers are fulfilling their obligations.

  • (a) Each Branch Head shall maintain a publicly accessible attendance document which lists every member and which meetings they have missed. Senate Committee Chairs shall report attendance to the Vice President or Executive Senator in accordance with Article IV, Section 1, Clause B of these Bylaws.


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