Article XI: Amendments


Section 1

A Union Constitutional amendment proposal shall be registered with the Secretary. In order for an amendment proposal to be registered, it shall:

  1. Identify a sponsor or sponsors of the amendment by name.
  2. Identify all relevant existing wording from this constitution, and clearly state the proposed new wording of this constitution.

Section 2

In order for an amendment proposal to be validated by the Secretary, it shall:

  1. Be signed by at least ten Union Senators or by fifteen percent of the student body.
  2. State the name and class year of each signer.

Section 3

Once a proposal for an amendment has been officially presented to the Secretary, it becomes the property of the Union and may not be altered in any way.

Section 4

At the next regularly scheduled Senate meeting following validation, there shall:

  1. Be a presentation of the petition to the Senate by the sponsors of the proposed amendment.
  2. Exist the option for the sponsors to withdraw their proposal if the majority of the sponsors wish to do so.

Section 5

Five days after the amendment’s presentation to the Senate, the Secretary shall announce to the student body a description of the amendment.

  1. The amendment vote shall occur within five academic days after the description of the amendment is sent to the student body.

Section 6

The sponsors of the amendment shall submit to the Secretary an argument FOR the amendment. Students shall have the right to submit an argument AGAINST the petition, if they so choose. These arguments must be submitted to the Secretary at least 48 hours prior to the vote.

Section 7

The ballot for an amendment shall contain:

  1. A copy of the proposed amendment
  2. An argument IN FAVOR of the amendment
  3. An argument AGAINST the amendment, if one is submitted
  4. The following voting options:
    1. “I cast my vote IN FAVOR of the amendment”
    2. “I cast my vote AGAINST the amendment”

Section 8

The amendment shall amend existing wording in this constitution if ⅔ (two-thirds) of the total number of votes cast are IN FAVOR of the amendment. Abstentions shall not be included in the total number of votes when determining the number of required votes.

Section 9

The Secretary shall certify the results of the amendment no later than five academic days following the end of the voting period.

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