Article VI: Union Clubs

Section 1 – Recognized Clubs

A Union Recognized Club shall be defined as an organization run by and for undergraduate students, that is geared towards a particular interest, initiative, theme, or activity, is beneficial to the student body, and is accredited by the Senate. Recognized Clubs shall:

  1. Be organizations whose membership is inclusive and open to every undergraduate student;
  2. Not contain a discriminatory provision against any person;
  3. Show that they are geared toward a particular interest, initiative, theme or activity, and are organized, efficient and beneficial to the student body;
  4. Be approved by the Senate following provisions in the Bylaws.

Section 2 – Chartered Clubs

A Chartered Club is defined as a Recognized Club that is eligible to receive funding from the Allocations Board during marathon. A Chartered Club shall be approved by the Senate following provisions in the Bylaws.

Section 3 – Secured Clubs

  1. A Secured Club is hereinafter defined as an organization recognized by students as sufficiently important to necessitate annual funding, eligibility to office space in the Shapiro Campus Center, and an advisor, and thus attain secured status through the Student Union Constitution. A Secured Club must:
    1. have been established for at least 5 consecutive years;
    2. have a specific purpose of serving the entire Brandeis student body, whether in the form of community service, physical/mental health, elected representation or another widely received benefit to the Brandeis student body; and
    3. demonstrate the impacts of said service by developing an annual impact assessment report to be submitted to the Department of Student Engagement and to the Student Union Senate

The secured clubs, as of 2023, are as follows:

  1. WBRS
  2. Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo)
  3. Waltham Group
  4. Brandeis Campus Activities Board (CAB)
  5. Student Events
  6. Archon Yearbook
  7. Student Sexuality Information Service (SSIS)
  8. The Justice

As Secured Clubs, they shall be entitled to the following privileges:

  1. The ability to submit budgets and budget adjustments to the Allocations Board ahead of Chartered Organizations.
  2. The ability to budget on an annual basis through the Allocations Board.
  3. Security as Secured Clubs must be removed from the Constitution via Constitutional Amendment in order to de-secure and before the Senate can consider a motion to de-charter or de-recognize.

Eligibility to receive funding from the Allocations Board, as is outlined in Article VII.

Section 4 - Club Criteria

The criteria that Recognized Clubs, Chartered or otherwise, must meet, and the process by which they become accredited shall be established in the Bylaws. The Senate may establish additional regulations regarding unsecured clubs and may, per the Bylaws, dissolve any such club. 


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