Article XII: Constitutional Review

Section 1

Every three years there shall be established a Constitutional Review Task Force. The Task Force will be charged with conducting a full review of all aspects of the Union Constitution and Bylaws.

  1. The Task Force shall be composed of five to ten members from the Brandeis undergraduate student body and one to two Alumni members who shall be appointed by the President.
  2. All appointments shall be confirmed by a majority vote of the Senate. A failed appointment may be replaced with another candidate.

Section 2

At its first full meeting, the Task Force will elect a chair from amongst themselves. It shall then publish a survey to the undergraduate student body soliciting opinions and suggestions regarding the language of the Student Union Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 3

The Task Force shall establish its own standing rules of order for meetings.

Section 4

The Task Force shall release its final report no later than the first week of April. The Task Force will have the ability to, between the release of its final report and the end of the spring semester, directly propose amendments to both the Constitution and the Bylaws to the student body.

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