Office of Student Financial Services

About Your Financing Options

Before looking at the actual costs of the University, you should first consider applying for financial aid.

Many who have thought that they would not be eligible for financial assistance, or that such assistance would not offer significant help, have been pleasantly surprised.

Upon determining the total cost of your son or daughter's Brandeis education, you should consider that any significant expense is best funded with a combination of income from the past, present and future. Income from the past that has been earmarked for education should be the first source you draw upon for payment of the bill. Other savings and investments should also be considered, although not entirely exhausted.

Present income should be the next source from which you draw upon. If you cannot pay the final balance due at the beginning of each semester, but can set aside a certain amount of money from monthly income to pay the bill, you may wish to consider the monthly payment plan.

If upon combining your savings and current earnings you are still unable to cover the charges due for each semester, you may want to consider financing your son or daughter's educational costs with an educational or commercial loan.

If you are having difficulty paying the balance due, please know that the Office of Student Financial Services is always available to discuss changes in your financial circumstances and/or additional scholarship or financing options.  Please call us at 781-736-3700 to schedule an appointment with a member of our staff.

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