2022 1098-T Forms

The 2022 1098-T will be printed and mailed by Jan. 31, 2023, for students with qualifying transactions if they opted out of the electronic 1098-T option during onboarding. If you opted for an electronic 1098-T, you can access, view and print your 1098-T by Jan. 20, earlier than the paper mailed forms in Workday.

Please note the 1098-T will be issued to international students with a U.S. Social Security nnumber. International students should select the electronic delivery option and requests must be submitted annually. You can submit a request through Workday by selecting the Student Account application and clicking on the1098-T Form Request link.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Brandeis can only answer questions related to how the form was prepared. The tax payer should review relevant IRS forms and publications for explanations relating to eligibility and calculating any allowable education tax credit. Brandeis staff are not tax professionals and are not allowed to give advice on how to file your taxes. We recommend you review the IRS.gov website, particularly Publication 970, or consult a tax professional. Our office can provide details on the figures reported as needed.