Office of Student Financial Services

Student Accounts and Billing

The Office of Student Financial Services is responsible for processing tuition and fees, collecting payments, dispensing monthly payment option information, processing refunds and overall internal and external customer service.

Fall 2024 Bills

The Fall 2024 e-bill will be released Tuesday, July 8th, 2024, and will be due August 2nd 2024. The link to the e-bill will be sent by email to students and their authorized parties. The email will come from our billing partner, Nelnet. It will come from the email address with a subject of BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY BILL AVAILABLE. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam filters. This is a valid email on behalf of Brandeis University.

Students can access their e-bill by logging into Workday, selecting Student Account and then the link to the Nelnet Student Account Portal. This will allow you to see the ebill from the View Last Bill link as well as any transactions after the bill was issued through the Transaction Details link. The bill is a snapshot of your account at the time we generated the bill. Any changes after that time will be reflected on the balance and the transaction detail but the last bill detail/balance will not change. Authorized Parties (parents, or other parties, the student has given access to) can access the ebill by logging in to Nelnet.

Review your ebill and the Transaction Details in Nelnet. If you have questions about the balance or payment options, contact Brandeis Student Financial Services by email or by calling 781-736-3700.

General Billing

Our semester billing cycle consists of an e-bill sent to the Nelnet Student Account Portal before the start of each semester. Subsequent student account activity will be issued via email to your Brandeis email account.

To access the bill, you will need to set up your Nelnet Student Account Portal account and add any Authorized Party (parent or other persons you want to be able to pay your bill). Authorized Party access lets whomever you register have direct access to your student account portal, where they can contract for a monthly payment plan, pay directly by credit card or direct withdrawal from a checking or savings account. Nelnet accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. A user fee applies to all credit card transactions. There is no user fee for withdrawal from a checking or savings account.

You may add or delete an Authorized Party through your Nelnet Student Account Portal link in Workday Student, Student Account Worklet (download instructions [pdf]). Added authorized parties will receive an email invitation with instructions for setting up a password to access the student account portal using their own login credentials. They should not use the student's login credentials.