Our size is an asset. You will have access to world-class opportunities.

As a medium-sized, top-tier research university, Brandeis offers a combination of resources and engagement that a larger school cannot. Close relationships with faculty, courses taught by tenured professors, and research opportunities that have students working alongside faculty members are just a few of Brandeis’ academic advantages. Whether you want to take graduate-level courses, partner with a faculty mentor on fieldwork, or see what happens when you bridge neuroscience and studio art, you will be able to challenge yourself intellectually and explore your personal interests.

Graphic with text that reads, "The student-to-faculty ratio is 10 to 1."

We have always valued openness, and we challenge ourselves to do more. Inclusion is an ongoing commitment.

The American Jewish community established Brandeis at a time when discrimination barred Jews and other marginalized groups from many leading U.S. colleges and universities. Our founders envisioned a school that would be accepting of all students and faculty, regardless of background. Diversity, equity and inclusion aren’t just important values at Brandeis today — they are rooted in our existence. They serve as a regular reminder for self-reflection, and a continuous call to improve.

Graphic with text that reads, "32 percent of brandeis undergraduates are students of color. Twenty percent of undergraduates are international students."

Brandeisians are committed to changing the world.

No matter what inspires you or prompts you to ask “why,” you’ll meet other Brandeisians in class — or through more than 200 student-led clubs and organizations — who are dedicated to the issues that you care about. Together, you will explore how you can impact society through scientific discoveries, volunteering in the community or questioning the status quo. As a community, we work toward positive change, locally and globally.

Graphic with text that reads, "The Princeton Review ranks Brandeis number 5 for students most engaged in community service."