Norah K. 24


“My professors have all been wonderful — I always feel comfortable reaching out to them whenever I ever need help.”


Bergenfield, New Jersey


Politics and sociology, but I am also interested in legal studies and social justice and social policy. I am interested in these topics because I think they touch so much about the ever-changing world we live in.

Clubs and Activities

Women of Color Alliance (WOCA), Pottery Club and The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII).

WOCA has been a welcoming space that I am so thankful for finding. TRII has taught me so much about immigration law and helped me realize that this may be a career I want to pursue. Pottery Club is my de-stressor and creative outlet — I have always wanted to try and make pottery, and this was the perfect opportunity! So far I have made one flower pot and I hope to continue making more!

Favorite Spot on Campus

The castle, because of its cozy environment; I often go there to study with friends, and I always feel less stressed. I made a lot of memories there, and during Halloween they also have cute decorations.

Favorite Restaurant on Moody Street

Peppino's Dosa is a wonderful vegetarian Indian food restaurant. The food there is always good and flavorful. I highly recommend it!

What I Love Most About Brandeis

More than anything, I love the people at Brandeis. I've been so lucky to be able to make great new friends despite the new restrictions COVID-19 has brought. My professors have all been wonderful — I always feel comfortable reaching out to them whenever I ever need help.

Memorable Faculty Interactions

I'm an MLK fellow and my advisor really exceeded my expectations. She really made me feel welcome at Brandeis, and gives every fellow her undivided attention. She makes me feel valued, supported and more confident in my abilities.

Biggest Surprises

I was surprised to find some unexpected pretty spots on campus. I did not know about the castle prior to coming here, and it's such a nice space. There's also a really pretty terrace that overlooks parts of the campus.

Community at Brandeis is About …

Community manifests in numerous ways at Brandeis — a club, teams, class or simply through daily interactions. I think the community at Brandeis is what you make of it. There are so many ways of getting involved, and people who are eager to welcome you if you reach out.

"Brandeisian" Means …

A Brandeisian is someone who is respectful, caring, always bettering themselves and always pursuing new knowledge. I think of a Brandeisian as someone who wants to cultivate their skills and help improve the world around them.

Words of Wisdom

Brandeis is really a wonderful community. I was able to meet a lot of great people who helped guide me through my first semester. The professors have been so kind and understanding … they are really there to support you.