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Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance (MA)

Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance (MA)

Whether you plan to manage investment portfolios, design a government's trade policies, or oversee a company's finances, you will need to understand the forces that drive the global economy and the operations of capital markets. The Brandeis IBS MA degree addresses these needs by combining a rigorous quantitative curriculum with real-world preparation.

Is the MA right for you?

If you find international issues exciting, and plan to embark on a career that involves sophisticated analysis in finance, business and/or economic policy, then the answer is yes. The MA hones technical skills, provides international experience, and engages you to tackle real challenges in firms, economies, and financial markets. (If you see your career in managing organizations, you might also consider our MBA degree.)

Qualified Brandeis undergraduates should consider our BA/MA program, allowing for completion of the MA in one year of post-BA study.

MA Class Profile - 2014

Number Enrolled: 71

Average GMAT: 667
GMAT Mid-80%: 550-740
Average GPA: 3.60

Male to Female Ratio: 48:52
Average Age: 24
Countries Represented: Afghanistan, China, France, Georgia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Kosovo, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malawai, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Russia, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam

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The MA in International Economics and Finance has been ranked by the Financial Times among the top ten US pre-experience programs for four consecutive years. Learn more about the MA curriculumspecializationsadmissions and career paths

Maria Bertram, MA '04 shares how Brandeis IBS helped her become World Ready: