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Program Overview

Some people teach. Others lead. A few do both.

The Brandeis Teacher Leadership Program recognizes that the most important change agents in education are our classroom teachers. Our goal is to create a corps of classroom teacher leaders who can facilitate the professional development of teachers at every career stage and ensure that schools are places of growth and learning for both students and educators. 

Our hybrid instructional model combines rigorous face-to-face coursework, distance learning and continuous coaching throughout the program to enable emerging teacher leaders to study and practice essential leadership skills while still working full time in their schools. 

You'll discover that the Teacher Leadership Program is as rigorous as it is supportive, and reflective of the highly individualized approach and commitment to social justice that are the hallmarks of a Brandeis education.

Two options are available—a 13-month Advanced Graduate Study (AGS) credential or a 2-year EdM degree in Teacher Leadership.

Please visit the Education Program's website for more information about these programs. Application information can be found below.
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How to Apply

Application Deadlines

  • AGS: February 15 for early decision. After February 15, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the cohort is full.  
  • EdM: February 15 for early decision. After February 15, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the cohort is full.  

Application Requirements

To apply for the AGS or EdM program, you need to submit:

  • An online application
  • Transcripts from all universities and colleges attended must be uploaded to your application; do not send official transcripts to our office. Official transcripts sent prior to an offer of admission will be destroyed. For more information, visit Frequently Asked Questions.
  • A resumé. Successful candidates to the EdM and AGS programs will have at least four years of teaching experience. Teachers from Jewish day schools applying for the Jewish Day School Fellowship must have at least five years of teaching experience. 
  • A statement of purpose. You will be asked to submit responses to two of the following three questions.
    • Please answer the following question: What experiences and capacities do you bring to teacher leadership? What new understandings and skills do you want to develop?
    • Please choose one of the following questions to answer:
      • Describe one significant change in your classroom teaching practice. Why did you undertake this change? What challenges did you encounter? How well is it working and how do you know?
      • Describe a change that you tried to initiate in your school. Why did you undertake this change? What challenges did you encounter? How well is it working and how do you know?
  • Two letters of recommendation, submitted electronically. The recommendation letters should take the form of:
    • A letter of endorsement from a teaching colleague attesting to your instructional excellence and leadership potential.
    • A letter of nomination from the principal or head of school that includes a commitment to provide authentic leadership opportunities for the participating teacher(s) during and after the program, and addresses the following questions:
      • How would you characterize this person's teaching? Would you say that they are an effective, even exemplary, teacher?
      • Will other teachers have confidence in this person as a leader of teacher learning? On what are you basing this assessment?
      • What role(s) would you like this teacher to play in the school?
      • How would this teacher's leadership help your school to achieve its instructional goals?
  • An interview, which may be done in-person if the applicant is able to meet with the committee on campus or via videoconference online. 

Please note that the $75 application fee is waived for applicants to the AGS and EdM programs.

Because of the part-time nature of the AGS and EdM programs, international applicants requiring an F-1 visa are ineligible to participate. If you have other questions regarding visa status and/or eligibility, please contact the International Students and Scholars Office.

Alum Spotlights

Evan Haine-Roberts
Evan Haine-Roberts

Evan had already been teaching for 6 years before coming to Brandeis but he says that he didn’t really commit to the idea of being a teacher as his career until after his first summer in the Teacher Leadership Program. “I was interested in the program because it offered educational training to strengthen the shaky middle ground between administrators and classroom teachers.” Read more about Teacher Leadership alums.