A graduate student enrolled in a Master’s program who has completed residence requirements and who needs to utilize the full range of academic services and university facilities while completing degree requirements is an Extended Master’s student and should register for the appropriate courses required to complete their program.  Normally students may not exceed two semesters on Extended Master’s status, excluding summer semesters. 

Students in this category may register for content courses, audit courses, and/or complete their thesis or research paper/project required for their degree.  The 2023-2024 fee for students in this category is $7,232.50 per semester (fall and spring). The fee for summer Extended Master’s students is anticipated to be $1,808.  

Students who are completing a required thesis or paper/research project should register for CONT 200A (a 12-credit course placeholder/research course similar to CONT 500 for PhD students).  This course enables the student to be full time; however, the student may register for this course for no more than two semesters, excluding summer semesters.  If the program requires a specific thesis or paper/research course the student will need to register for that course at some point during their career in order to receive a grade.  Students who do not have a required thesis or paper/research project may not register for CONT 200A but may register for content courses.

Partial fee waivers are available for the following:

  1. Students registered for CONT 200A or required thesis course only in the fall or spring semesters (waiver amount - 75%). Students should email Chris Nayler requesting this waiver once they have finalized their registration for the semester. Note that auditing a course counts as registering for a content course, making the student ineligible for the thesis only fee waiver. No waivers are available for the already reduced summer Extended Master's fee.
  2. Students serving as a Course Assistant in an Arts and Sciences course (waiver amount - 25% in semester serving as CA). This waiver will be applied at the time of hire.