Summer Enrollment Tuition Waiver Policies

For Continuing Students

  1. PhD students in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, or Computer Science are required to register for summer. Registration for Graduate Summer Term does not count toward the residency requirement.  The summer tuition will be waived. 
  2. Master’s students in Genetic Counseling, Biotechnology MS, and Biochemistry and Biophysics are required to enroll in the summer. Summer enrollment does not count toward the residency requirement. The summer tuition will be waived.
  3. GSAS has predetermined specific summer courses that also qualify for a tuition waiver, and applies tuition waivers when appropriate.

For August Degree Candidates

Ph.D. students who anticipate graduating with an August degree are required to register for the summer term in which they graduate. The summer tuition will be waived.

Joint PhD Students Tuition Waiver Policy

Heller PhD students enter with a commitment of 4 years of stipend support and GSAS students enter with a commitment of 5 years of stipend support. Because of the structure of the current joint PhD programs, the student retains their funding from Heller, even as they are accepted into the joint program with GSAS. In order to mitigate this inequity, GSAS will provide a full tuition waiver to joint PhD students during that 5th year.

PhD Student External Fellowship Tuition Waiver Policy

Under many circumstances, PhD students who are awarded fellowships that are external to Brandeis are eligible to receive a full scholarship for the amount of their tuition during the semesters in which they are receiving these external funds. Students who have been awarded an external fellowship should contact Lizz Kurian ( and Alyssa Canelli ( to request the tuition scholarship.

Please note that students receiving external fellowships will still need to waive or enroll in the student health insurance plan. 

Extended Master’s Students Partial Tuition Waiver Policy

Students who are in Extended Master’s residency and who are registered for only CONT 200A and/or the required thesis/project course during the fall or spring semester are eligible for a 75% tuition waiver. To qualify, students cannot be enrolled in any content courses, including auditing such courses. Students should email Monique Howell ( requesting this waiver once they have finalized their registration for the semester. Please note that students can combine this waiver with a waiver for serving as a Course Assistant or Grader in the same semester, resulting in up to 100% tuition waiver.  

Extended Master’s Students Resolving Incompletes Tuition Waiver Policy

Master’s students who need to maintain enrollment in order to resolve incompletes after completing all other degree requirements should register for CONT 200A. Students who are enrolled to resolve incompletes are eligible to receive a 100% tuition waiver if: a) they have completed their program’s residency requirement and b) they are not enrolled in or auditing any additional courses. Departments should email Monique Howell ( once the student is enrolled in CONT 200A so that the waiver can be added.

Early Capstone Completion Tuition Waiver Policy

Students whose capstone (i.e., dissertation, thesis, paper, or project) is accepted after the deadline for degree conferral and before the first day of courses in the subsequent term can enroll in Degree Pending status, provided all other degree requirements have been met. Students in Degree Pending status do not need to enroll and do not have access to student health insurance, use of gym facilities, purchase of a parking sticker, or in-school student loan deferments. Students who meet these requirements and would like to enroll in Degree Pending status should email their request to Emily Wheeler (

Students whose capstone is accepted after the most recent degree conferral date and before the end of the registration period of the following term are required to enroll in that term and are eligible for a 100% tuition waiver, provided all other degree requirements have been met. Departments should email Emily Wheeler ( once all degree requirements are completed so that the waiver can be added.