2007 Research Award Winners

Yeshuv & Israel

Pnina Abir-Am
Brandeis University – WSRC
“A First Nobel to an Israeli Woman Scientist?! Leadership and Gender in the Research School of Ada E. Yonath”

Creative Arts

Lynne Avadenka
Wayne State University
“The Wife of Dunash Ben Labrat: An Artist’s Exploration”

Samantha Baskind
Cleveland State University
“Audrey Flack’s Jewishness”

Ofri Cnaani
School of Visual Arts, NYC
“The Sota Project”

Chana Cromer
Bar Ilan University
“Disguises, Secrets, Veils”

Devora Neumark
Goddard College
“Radical Beauty for Troubled Times”

Holly Pearse
Wilfrid Laurier University
“But Where Will They Build Their Nest?: Jewish-Gentile Romances in American Cinema”

Leslie Starobin
Framingham State University
“The Last Address”

Jane Trigère
Unaffiliated artist
“Women of the Balcony”


Elissa Bemporad
Hunter College, CUNY
“Wives, Mothers and Workers: Roles and Representations of Jewish Women in Times of Revolution”

Beth Cohen
California State University, Northbridge
“Helping Hands: American Jewish Women and Child Holocaust Survivors in the Aftermath of World War II”

Leslie Ginsparg
New York University
“Choosing Bais Yaakov: A Historical Study of Orthodox Girls’ Education in Post-War America”

Mayer Gruber
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
“Grace Aguilar’s Women of Israel a New Edition with Introduction & Commentary”

Shira Kohn Levy
New York University
“A Gentlewoman’s Agreement: Jewish Sororities in Postwar America, 1947–1968”

Biography / Creative Writing

Marcia Falk
Graduate Theological Union
“The Book of Blessings for the Turning of the Year: New Prayers, Poems, and Meditations for the High Holiday Season”

Ulrike Offenberg
Akademie der Künste Berlin
“Lea Grundig. Life and Work of a German-Jewish Communist Artist in Palestine 1940–1948”

Alison Pick
Unaffiliated writer
“Forward Motion – A Novel”


Vanessa Ochs
University of Virginia
“Same Sex Commitment Ceremonies”

Ortal-Paz Saar
Tel-Aviv University
“Passion and Prejudice: Gender Issues in Ancient Jewish Love Magic”

Film & Video

Diana Groó
Cinema Film and Katapult Film studios
“Regina Jonas – A 50 Min. Long Creative Documentary Film Project”

Liliane Targownik
Munich Filmschool and IDC Herzliya
“Splendor of the World”

Francine Zuckerman
7 Films Inc.
“The Kingdom Behind the Curtain: a documentary film on Jewish women in Eastern Europe”

Social Sciences

Deborah Skolnick Einhorn
Brandeis University
“Power of the Purse: Jewish Women’s Philanthropy and Social Change”

Roberta Rosenberg Farber
Stern College, Yeshiva University
“Women as Social Change Agents in Traditional Religious Jewish Communities”

Irit Koren
Bar-Ilan University
“‘You Are Hereby Renewed to Me:’ Religious Women Changing their Ritual Wedding”

Elana Sztokman
The Schecter Institute for Jewish Studies
“Pro-Feminist Orthodox Men: Gender Identities of Men at ‘Orthodox- Egalitarian’ Synagogues”