2009 Research Award Winners

Yeshuv & Israel

Pnina Abir-Am
WSRC Brandeis
“A first Nobel to an Israeli woman scientist?! Part II: The role of women scientists in the research school of Ada E. Yonath”

Creative Arts

Helene Aylon
Independent Artist
“Turnings: Seeing Oneself as a future Foremother”

Avery Gosfield
Ensemble Lucidarium
”Kol Eisha: The Jewish Woman’s Voice in Renaissance Europe”

Shachar Pinsker
University of Michigan
“‘Meager Gifts’ from Lonely Islands: Women’s Hebrew Poetry on American Shores”

S.I. Salamensky
“Home & Homeland in Israeli Women’s Performance, Video, & Installation Art”

Myriam Tangi
Maison des Artistes
“MEHITZA. Seen by women”


Glenn Dynner
Sarah Lawrence College
“Polish Jewish Women and the Modernization Process”

Tova Rosen
Ben Gurion University
“Genre and Gender in Late Medieval and Early Modern Hebrew/Jewish Writing”


Anna Grinfeld
Harvard University
“The Life and Work of Gertrude Rachel Levy (1883–1966)”

Einat Lachover
Sapir Academic College
“The First Lady of Israeli Journalism: Hannah Semer (1924–2003)”


Elizabeth Shanks Alexander
University of Virginia
“Between Man and Woman: Reading for Gender in Early Rabbinic Law”

Aliza Bazak
Bar-Ilan University
“The Tav Lemeitav Presumption in Modern Halakhic Discourse”

Ronit Irshai
Bar-Ilan University
“‘Wasted Seed’ (Hashhatat Zera’) in Halakhic Literature: Between Sexuality, Fertility, and Gender”

Film & Video

Lilly Rivlin
Independent Filmmaker
“Grace Paley: Collected Shorts”

Social Sciences

Marla Brettschneider
University of New Hampshire
“Jamaica Kincaid: A Jewish Feminist Political Genealogy”

Liat Kulik
Bar-Ilan University
“Strategies for Coping with Interrole Conflict and Enhancing Well-Being: A Comparative Analysis of Married and Single Mothers in Israel”