2011 Research Award Winners

Yeshuv & Israel

Judith Baumel-Schwartz
Bar-Ilan University
“The Israeli Women’s Army Corps Memorial: A Comparative History of Contemporary Women’s Military Monuments”

Creative Arts

Helene Aylon
“For You, Hagar: Last Waters at Last”

Tamar Barzel
Wellesley College
“Downtown and Disorderly: “Radical Jewish Culture” and its Discontents on New York’s Downtown Music Scene”

Evelyn M. Cohen
“Charlotte Rothschild and Her Haggadah of 1842”

Jennifer Langer
SOAS – University of London
“The Representation of Cultural Memory in Literary Texts by Exiled Iranian Jewish Women Writers”

Dvora Liss and David Sperber
The Mishkan Le'Omanut, Museum of Art, Ein Harod
“Exhibition Catalogue for Matronita: Contemporary Jewish Feminist Art”

Laura Morowitz and Laurie Lico Albanese
Wagner College
“Adele’s Fire [Novel]”

Shira Nayman
Barnard College
“Moon Landing: A novel”

Tahneer Oksman
CUNY Grad Center
“How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses?”: Jewish American Women and Comics

Alison Pick
“Between Gods: A Memoir”

Anna Schultz
Stanford University
“Performing Translation, Performing Gender: Bene Israel Devotional Song from India to Israel”

Laura Silver
HBI Research Associate
“Knish Sisters: Mrs. Stahl, The Sholom Auxiliary, Bella Sherman and Me”


Sarah Abrevaya Stein and Julia Phillips Cohen
“The Sephardic Studies Reader, 1730–1950”

Adriana Mariel Brodsky
St. Mary's College of Maryland
“Helping to Create New States: Argentine Sephardim at Home and in Israel, 1956–1976.”

Jason Schulman
Emory University
“The Red Flag Case Revisited: American Jewish Women, the Communist Party, and the First Amendment”


Silke Georgi
“They Were Our Neighbors: The Stories of the Jewish Women and Children of Eindhoven”

Miryam Kabakov
Yeshiva University
“Eshel Multimedia Online Oral History Project”

Marlene Trestman
“The Life and Work of Bessie Margolin (1909–1996)”


Aliza Bazak
Bar-Ilan University
“The Tav Lemeitav Presumption in Modern Halakhic Discourse”

Esther David
“‘I am the seed of the Tree…’ A Jewish woman’s search of her Jewish heritage in India…”

Michael Rosenberg
Jewish Theological Seminary of America
“Signs of Virginity: Blood, Sexuality, and Women’s Bodies in Rabbinic Literature”

Film & Video

Melanie Reynard and Hafsa Oubou
“Intimate Lives: the Berber and Jewish Link Between Women in Morocco”

Gender, Culture, Religion & Law

Tanya Zion-Waldoks
Bar-Ilan University
“Resistance, Tradition and Social Change: Orthodox Jewish Women Activists Fighting to Free Agunot in Israel”

Ruth Zafran
Radzyner School of Law
“Religious Law and Human Rights, Israel 2011 – The ‘Jurisdiction Race’ Between the Rabbinical Courts and the Civil Courts, and its Consequences for Jewish Women: Empirical and Conceptual Analysis

Families, Children and the Holocaust

Shannon L. Fogg
Missouri University of Science & Technology
“Restitution: Reconstructing Jewish Lives in Twentieth Century France”

Jewish Women’s Health

Julie Cwikel and Ephrat Huss
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
“Assessing the Experiences of Israeli Women Who Served in Combat
Related Roles in the Israeli Defense Forces — Validation of an Arts-Based Trauma Assessment for Normative Populations”

Shira Offer
Bar-Ilan University
“Processes of Exclusion and Withdrawal from Personal Networks among Low Income Women: The Principle of Reciprocity Reconsidered”