2012 Research Award Winners

Yeshuv & Israel

Sarai Aharoni
Hebrew University
“Gender, Territory and Terror in Israel: Women and the Second Intifada”

Lilach Rosenberg
Bar-Ilan University
“Demographic Aspects of Yishuv Society: Perceptions of Reproduction, Births and Their Prevention, 1918–1948”

Shayna Weiss
“A Beach of their Own: The Religious Politics of Swimming Spaces in Israel”

Creative Arts

Helène Aylon
“The Turnings”

Debra Cash
“Adapting Gold Age Strategies Contemporary Feminist Poetry”

Evelyn Cohen
“Charlotte Rothschild and Her Haggadah of 1842”

Rachel Kadish
WSRC / HBI, Brandeis University
“Kindness (A novel)”

Tova Mirvis
WSRC, Brandeis University
“The Book of Separation”

Jacqueline Nicholls
“Mesechet Miscarriage”

Sarah Seltzer
“Joy, Somewhere in the City (Stories)”

Eleanor Stanford
St. Josephs University
“Happiness Happiness (A Novel)”

Bracha Yaniv
Bar-Ilan University
“Synagogue Textiles from Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Italian Communities”


Aviva Ben-Ur
UMass, Amherst
“Eurafrican Identity in a Jewish Society: Suriname, 1660–1863”

Debra Kaplan
Yeshiva University
“Community of Donors: Jewish Charity in Germany, 1500–1800”

Joshua Teplitsky
Oxford University
“‘I, the widow, swear in God’s name…’: Jewish women in the wake of the Prague Plague, 1713–1714”


Rivka Neriya-Ben Shahar
Sapir Academic College
“The Creation of a New Women’s Religious Culture: An Integrated Perspective”

Film & Video

Judy Branfman
“The Land of Orange Groves & Jails”

Lily Rivlin
“Esther Broner: A Weave of Women”

Rona Yefman
Columbia University
“The Radio Lady, 1948”

Gender, Culture, Religion & Law

Ronit Irshai
Bar Ilan
“Rape in Jewish Law”

Ayelet Libson
“Radical Subjectivity: Self-Knowledge, Gender and the Limits of Talmudic Law”

Noya Rimalt
“When Rosa Parks Volunteers to Sit in the Back: Multiculturalism in Action”

Families, Children and the Holocaust

Eliyana Adler
University of Maryland
“Youth at the Margins: Testimonies of Polish Jewish Children in the Soviet Union during WWII”

Suzanna Eibuszyc
“Keep Pace with the Sun: the Story of Roma Talasiewicz-Eibuszyc”

Susan (Kriegel) Leshnoff
Seton Hall University
“Art Lessons from the Holocaust: Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and the Children’s Art of Theresienstadt”

Joanna Sliwa
Clark University
“Between Oppression and Agency: A Social History of Jewish Children in German-Occupied Kraków”

Jewish Women’s Health

Rivka Tuval-Mashiach
“Narrative research on the long-term impact of forced relocation on meaning-reconstruction processes, growth and gender roles in women who were evacuated from Gush Katif”