2017 Research Award Winners

Yeshuv & Israel

Ofer Idels
Tel-Aviv University School of History
“Athletes and Pioneers: The Ascent of Modern Sport and the Zionist Body in Palestine, 1918–1939”

Creative Arts

Reut Ben-Yaakov
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
“‘We Havesomethin T’say’ — Israeli Women Poets in the 1990’s”

Paula Birnbaum
University of San Francisco
“Chana Orloff: A Modern Jewish Sculptor of the School of Paris”

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
University of Pennsylvania
“The Many Names for Mother”

Diana Groó
University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest
“Zakhor – The Power of Documentation - The Story of the World’s First Woman Rabbi”


Sarah Cushman
Northwestern University
“Auschwitz: The Women’s Camp”

Margarete Feinstein
Loyola Marymount University
“Holocaust Survivors and Gendered Impulses to Revenge”

Lilach Rosenberg-Friedman
Bar-Ilan University
“Outmarriage between Jews and non-Jews in Mandatory Palestine and in Israel (1920–1968): National, Ethnic, Social and Gender Aspects – A View from Below”

Gina Malagold
University of Massachusetts
“Anita Brenner: Redefining Mexicanidad from the Margins”

Mira Yungman
The Open University of Israel
“Women and Women’s Zionist Organizations in the Major Diaspora Jewish Communities, 1897–1948”


Sarah Imhoff
Indiana University
“A Queer, Crippled Zionism: The Lives of Jessie Sampter”


Elizabeth Alexander
University of Virginia
“The Rabbinic Gendering of Biblical Israel: The Rhetoric of Scripture and Social Norms in Early Rabbinic Commentary”

Gender, Culture, Religion & Law

Yifat Bitton and Yofi Tirosh
College of Management Law School, Rishon Lezion
“Assessing the Harm of Women’s Exclusion: A New Challenges for Israeli Law”

Geraldine Gudefin
Brandeis University
“Navigating the Civil and Religious Worlds: Jewish Immigrants & Marital Laws in France and the United States 1881–1939”

Shana Strauch Schick
Machon Schechter
“Behind Every Great Prophet is a Woman: The Depictions of Miriam in Masechet Sotah and their Cultural Contexts”

Adam Ferziger
Bar-Ilan University
“Women’s Religious Leadership and Orthodox Judaism (1967–2017): Transnational Perspectives”

Gila Silverman
The Hadassah-Brandeis Institute
“Gender and Jewish Mourning”

Families, Children and the Holocaust

Nicole Freeman
Ohio State University
“A Time to Rebuild: The Education and Rehabilitation of Jewish Children in Postwar Germany and Poland, 1945 – 1953”

LGBTQ Studies

SJ Crasnow
Rockhurst University
“From the Gay Synagogue to the Queer Shtetl: Normativity, Innovation, and Utopian Imagining in the Lived Religion of Queer and Transgender Jews”

Noam Sienna
University of Minnesota
“The LGBTQ Jewish Anthology: a Reader of Primary Sources from the Talmud to Stonewall”