New in 2020-21: HBI-Jewish Feminism Collections Scholar in Residence

Application Deadline: Monday, Feb. 17, 2020

In addition to our general Scholar in Residence program, in 2020-21, a generous donor has made it possible for HBI to offer a dedicated residency devoted to research and creations that use the Jewish Feminism Collections in Brandeis University’s Archives and Special Collections.

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The Jewish Feminism Collections in the Archives include: 

*archives are still being processed

These collections, individually and together,  provide primary source material for inspiration about the study of important feminist themes with a Jewish lens, and Jewish themes with a feminist lens. Broad topics include, but are not limited to, Second Wave Jewish feminism; gender equity in Jewish organizations; women’s inclusion in Jewish spaces; rituals designed for and by Jewish women such as women’s seders and haggadot; and other aspects of creative work. They also offer materials on womens’ roles in Israeli elections and the Knesset; early activism around stereotyping Jewish women; sexual harassment; international Jewish activism during the breakup of the Soviet Union: and more. 

The collection also features an important partnership, The American Jewish and Israeli Feminism Archives Collaborative, a joint project of the University Archives & Special Collections department at Brandeis University and the Haifa Feminist Institute.

Overall, the collection, which includes the Marcia Freedman papers, provides insight into the important topics, but also into the organizational structures, processes and pioneering work that made this work possible at the time; they capture essential parts of Jewish feminist history as it was being made

Program Structure

Accepted scholars will receive a monthly stipend of $5,000. In addition, participants will receive (shared) office space at the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute at Brandeis University and access to Brandeis University library and research resources.

Participants are expected to give one talk to the Brandeis community and to play an active part in the intellectual life of the institute. Visiting scholars may have the opportunity to present their work to a Brandeis class, depending on the length and timing of the residency. SIRs may also be asked to contribute to the HBI blog Fresh Ideas from HBI.

Application Requirements

Please submit each of the following items when completing the online application:

  1. Letter of introduction with your preferred dates of residence

  2. Project abstract

  3. Project proposal 

  4. Applicants for the HBI- Jewish Feminist Collections Scholar in Residence position should describe how their research will use its materials. 

  5. Literature review (if appropriate)

  6. Curriculum Vitae

  7. Three professional letters of reference

  8. Writing sample (10 page maximum)

  9. Three suggested topics for a public and/or academic lecture (note that these are only tentative topics and may be changed if deemed appropriate by both the HBI and the scholar.) 

  10. Statement explaining where you learned about this opportunity.

Submitting Proposals

In addition to completing the online form, applicants should send hard copies of all attachments to:

Debby Olins
Assistant Director for Administration
The Hadassah-Brandeis Institute
MS 079
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02454-911