Hadassah-Brandeis Institute

Reassessing Jewish Revenge During and After the Holocaust

Undergraduate / Graduate Project

Project Information

Associate Professor Laura Jockusch, Brandeis University, is working on a project examining the complexities of Jewish revenge during and after the Holocaust, by exploring the different manifestations and functions that vengeance had for Jews and how it changed over time. In particular, the project analyzes the role of gender in the ways in which Jewish women and men imagined, enacted, and discussed revenge during and after the war. Were some forms of vengeance more masculine while others were more feminine? Were some forms of revenge more acceptable for men than for women and vice versa?

Professor Jockusch requires an intern to assist with library and internet research, specifically the catalogs of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Yad Vashem. The intern will also search and transcribe audio video testimonies held at the Fortunoff and USC Shoah Foundation, as well as provide critical reading of historical documents and some academic editing.

Profile of Appropriate Candidate

  • Coursework in Jewish history and Holocaust history
  • German, Yiddish, or Hebrew helpful
  • Strong library research skills
  • Experience with transcription helpful, but not required
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and complete assignments independently