Hadassah-Brandeis Institute

Profiles of Torah Leaders Responding to Crisis

Undergraduate Project

Project Information

Sylvia Fishman, Emerita Professor of Contemporary Jewish Life and Culture, and Rabbanit Leah Sarna, are planning a one-year research project on women Torah leaders, including scholars, teachers, public intellectuals, cultural contributors, and clergy currently using their Judaica expertise to illuminate Jewish religious and spiritual approaches to contemporary life challenges and crises during the aftermath of the October 7, 2023 attacks on Israel, and the ensuing upsurge of antisemitism in America and around the world. This research will gather data based on a series of interviews with notable key informants across the spectrum of American Jewry, also including a few in the Israeli setting who are influential in American Jewish life. The analysis will document women Torah leaders’ public interventions and their public reception, and will analyze their messages and their impact.

They are looking for an intern research assistant to collect information on women Torah leaders in social media postings as well as a broad spectrum of print publications.

Profile of Appropriate Candidate

  • Excellent research skills in media and print sources.
  • Knowledge of contemporary Judaic research sources helpful.

  • Organized, independent, resourceful.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and complete assignments independently.