Performing Ensembles

Fafali in performance

Music department ensembles perform music ranging from the Renaissance to the modern era and world premieres.

The Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra comprises students, faculty, staff and associates of Brandeis University and Wellesley College.

The Brandeis Chamber Music Ensembles offer instrumentalists the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to practical music making in an intimate and informal master class setting.

This 24-36 voice choir is chosen from the entire student body on the basis of experience and musicianship skills. It is for singers who wish to explore unusual repertory, Bach cantatas, 16th-century motets and madrigals, 17th-century oratorios, 19th-century lieder and 20th-century works.

Using its large collection of historical instruments including recorders, krumhorns, sackbuts, curtals, viols, lutes, harps and harpsichords, the Brandeis Early Music Ensemble explores the music and performance practices of Western Europe in the Renaissance and early Baroque eras.

This ensemble studies and performs a repertory of traditional music and dance of a variety of ethnic traditions from Ghana, West Africa.

The Brandeis Improv Collective is open to all Brandeis students who play an instrument or sing, regardless of skill or experience in improvising. For those without the time or sufficient experience to fully participate in the Jazz Ensemble, this may be the group for you.

The Brandeis Jazz Ensemble, open to the entire Brandeis community by audition, is comprised of 15 musicians led by one of Boston's best-known jazz men. In addition to the classic jazz repertory, the ensemble performs original compositions written specifically for the group.

The Brandeis University Chorus draws its members from the entire Brandeis community. Every year the chorus performs a major work drawn from the vast choral repertory. There are often opportunities for student soloists.

The Brandeis Wind Ensemble is a 50-member group that performs a wide variety of music.