Department of Music

Private Lessons: Instrumental

How to Register for Instrumental Lessons

  1. Contact the appropriate person (below) for your Private Lesson instrument (note: auditions are generally not required for private instrumental lessons)
    If you are a Violinist: email Andrea Segar 
    If you are a Violist: email Professor Mark Berger 
    If you are a Cellist:
    email Professor Josh Gordon 
    All other instrumentalists: email Professor Bob Nieske 
  2. Register for MUS 111 on Workday for either the Credit or XC (non-credit section).  Make sure to request a Prerequisite Override during registration.
  3. If auditions are required, audition for a Music Department Ensemble. Audition information can be found here.  For ensembles that do not require auditions, skip to step 4.
  4. Register for an Ensemble on Workday for either the Credit or XC (non-credit) section. Make sure to request a Prerequisite Override during registration. 
    If you have difficulty registering in an ensemble consult the director of instrumental  studies, Professor Bob Nieske: or director of vocal studies,  Professor Robert Duff:  
  5. Complete the Lessons Contract found here:

Click here for additional information on private lessons at Brandeis.


Course Requirements

  • This is an experiential learning course, offered on a credit/no-credit grading basis.

  • It yields two credits (one semester half-course credit).

  • Students registering for MUS 111a must also register for a departmental Ensemble (MUS 80a,b – 89a,b or 116a,b); 111a may NOT be taken alone. Students may petition to substitute one semester of a professionally directed non-university ensemble for their university Ensemble co-requisite.

  • A maximum of four course credits will be allowed for all enrollments in Ensemble (MUS 80a,b – 89a,b) alone or Private Instructions and Ensemble together. Successful completion of MUS 111a,b may be applied only once toward the requirements for the major or minor in music.

  • Studio fee: $250 for majors; $700 for non-majors.
  • Instrumentalists will take ten one-hour, private lessons per semester in the field of early music, jazz, or classical music while participating in a departmental ensemble. A ten minute jury is required in second semester.