For Members


Rehearsals are held on Mondays from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Slosberg Music Center.


Concert Attire

  • Men: Tuxedo, black bow tie, white long-sleeve shirt, black socks and black dress shoes.

  • Women: Black dress or long black skirt/pants with either black or white blouse and dress shoes.


  • Be prepared to begin on time. Arrive early enough so you can be on stage, warmed up and ready to tune at the beginning of rehearsal.

  • Please have a pencil with you at all times.

Care of Music

  • Members sign out all music at the beginning of each semester and hand in the folder with all music at the end of the concert.

  • At least $10 will be charged per part for the replacement of any music signed out to you that is damaged or lost. Note that replacing one part may require buying a whole set.

Rehearsal Schedule and Online Calendar

  • Music for the following week's rehearsal will be posted following every rehearsal.
  • All members are responsible for checking the online calendar before purchasing airline tickets or making other travel arrangements.

Attendance Policy

  • All questions/notifications regarding attendance/absence should be made in writing and directed to the conductor. In an emergency, you may leave messages at 781-736-3328 or 978-808-0547.

  • Anyone not on stage ready to play before the tuning note is sounded is deemed late.

  • Two unexcused latenesses = one unexcused absence.

  • Two unexcused absences = ineligibility to play the concert.

  • Ineligibility to perform = no credit.

  • Unexcused absences are not permitted the week of the concert.

  • All matters regarding attendance or lateness are covered under the academic honesty requirements of the institution.


  • A grade will be derived based on factors such as class participation, performance ability and especially attendance.

Resolving Class Conflicts

  • Chemistry labs and study groups for other classes often conflict with ensemble rehearsals. In most cases, it is possible to transfer to a different section whose labs meet at a different time.

  • At the beginning of each semester, check the exam schedule for your classes and notify the personnel manager/ director of potential conflicts. (Exact exam dates may not be available from your professor until later in the semester.)

  • The music department will contact the professor to see if a make-up can be scheduled for you.

Advanced Notification of Absence/Lateness

  • Send a written request to the director at least 10 days in advance of the date of the request.

  • Valid excuses are illness and family emergency.

  • Invalid excuses are exams, papers due, review sessions, extra classes, appointments with faculty advisors, trips to the airport, a friend's crisis, engagements with family or friends, appointments with doctors and dentists, conflicting class or work schedules, and the like.

Last Minute Emergency Notification

  • Call and leave a message at 781-736-3328 or 978-808-0547 as soon as possible.

  • Arrange to get your folder to rehearsal.