Arabic Program

Welcome to the Arabic Program at Brandeis!  This program is part of the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Department (NEJS). In NEJS you may choose from among five tracks for your undergraduate major, and one of them is  the Arabic and Islamic Studies Track. You can also minor in Arabic Language, Literature and Culture. 

For the major, a minimum of eight semester courses is required, apart from the Arabic language requirement. For all of the requirements, see our bulletin page

The minor aims to bring students to an advanced level of proficiency in the Arabic language, combined with meaningful cultural competence in contemporary and/or classical Arabic culture and literature. The electives may be chosen from a range of courses specializing in both the modern and classical periods. The program allows students the flexibility to choose all of their electives from the modern courses, all of them from the classical courses, or to combine modern and classical offerings as suits their personal goals and interests.