About the Images

The images used in our banners were created in the Electron Microscopy facility. More information about each image and the research behind it are available below:

Fly bouton from the Rodal lab"..."

DNA origami structure from the Fraden and Rogers labs"..."

fbar protein structure from the Good lab"“10 Å resolution structure of a Hof1-Formin complex showing the dimeric FBAR domain of Hof1 (green) bound to two formin FH2 domains”. Image from the laboratory of Dr. Bruce Goode, from a collaborative study (manuscript submitted) with Dr. Olga Sokolova (Moscow State University).

"A high-resolution morphological and ultrastructural map of anterior  sensory cilia and glia in Caenorhabditis elegans." David B Doroquez, Cristina Berciu, James R Anderson, Piali Sengupta, and Daniela Nicastro. eLife. 2014; 3: e01948.The image at left is part of Figure 2. Graphical model of a high-resolution ssTEM 3D reconstruction of the anterior sensory endings.

"Subunit interactions in bovine papillomavirus." Matthias Wolf, Robert L. Garcea, Nikolaus Grigorieff, and Stephen C. Harrison. PNAS 2010 107 (14) 6298-6303