BP virus from the Electron Microscopy Lab

Supporting Brandeis scientists in the completion of their research is important work. The resources available to the faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students comes in a variety of forms.

Need assistance in completing a fellowship application or poster? The postdocs and graduate students at the Science Communication lab can help. Need access to electron microscopes or confocal imaging equipment for your research? The Louise Mashal Gabbay Cellular Visualization Center or the Light Microscopy Lab provide the equipment and support to do that.

Brandeis also supports graduate students by offering a variety of on campus resources and student groups.  Examples of student groups in the sciences include WiSI (the Women in Science Initiative), CDS (Career Development in the Sciences), DBS (Diverse Brandeis Scholars) and GSSC (the Graduate Science Social Committee).  Students can take advantage of the services on campus for supporting their professional development as well as their social, emotional and academic well-being.

Some resources such as the Brandeis Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility and the Brandeis University Mass Spectrometry Facility are also available to external users. Please contact all facilities directly to check availability and assistance.

Brandeis Library Science Services provides assistance in accessing and managing data, literature searches and teaching support.