Rehiring and Continuing Into Summer


Rehire Process

  • All positions are assumed to last one academic year, unless otherwise stated. You are, however, still considered an "employee-at-will."
  • If you and your supervisor are satisfied with your employment, you may be rehired for the same position without new paperwork at the start of each academic year.
  • Please discuss whether or not you would like to return to your position in the fall with your supervisor before you leave for the summer.

Summer Employment

  • If both you and your supervisor are satisfied with your employment and department funds are available, you may continue your current job during the summer.
  • Your supervisor has the option of paying you an additional $1.00/hr in the summer. This decision is left up to the individual department.
  • You may also start a new job during the summer by following the same procedure listed above for obtaining any on-campus job.
  • Graduated students may not continue working as student employees after Commencement. Any student asked to remain in their position following graduation must be hired through Human Resources.