Weekly Pay


  • Hours for each campus job must be submitted to your supervisor via the time applet in Workday. You must report hours worked after every shift. Do not wait until the end of the week to fill in hours for previous days.  You are paid based upon hours submitted and approved in Workay.

  • Hours cannot overlap with your course schedule.  It is not permissable to work during class time even if the course is remote or recorded.
  • Back hours should be reported on the appropriate weeks’ time template and submitted to your supervisor for retroactive pay.

  • Do not lump previous weeks’ hours onto the current week’s timesheet!

  • You must submit the time in order for your supervisor to approve it. 

  • Pay is issued on Friday for the previous week You can view your pay stub by logging into Workday

If you do not receive your pay at any time during your employment, follow the procedures detailed below in order:

  1. Check with a Student Financial Services representative to ensure that you have submitted all of the required forms. You will not be able to submit time if your I-9 is not complete.

  2. Check with your supervisor to be sure that she or he approved your hours. 

  3. Call the Payroll Office (781-736-4476 or 781-736-4477) to determine if your pay was processed.

  4. If you still have not located the problem, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services and we will assist you further.

Direct Deposit is the easiest, most efficient way to receive your pay.  You can sign up for Direct Deposit in workday.  If you do not sign up for direct deposit you will need to pick up your check from the Payroll Office at 60 Turner St.

Please refer to the job aids below for detailed instructions including screenshots for how-to information about using Workday. You may be required to login to view the documents.