How to Hire a Student

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The Office of Student Financial Services does not honor private agreements or promises made by supervisors to student employees. All departments are required to follow the same procedures as mandated by federal and state law as well as university policy.

Before hiring any student, you must follow these procedures (more info on each topic can be found in the sections below): Please note that students with Federal Work Study and University employment should be given priority in hiring. Prior to Oct. 1 of each academic year, only students with FWS or University employment should be hired. Exceptions to this rule will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Steps to Hire a Student

  1. Develop a job description.

  2. Create a job requisition in Workday (which will route to Student Employment for approval and posting).

  3. Conduct interviews.

  4. Prepare job offer in Workday.

  5. Review and approve time that student submits in Workday.