Current and Past I-Corps Teams


Nathan Wong, Post-Doctoral Student, Biochemistry | Liam Flynn, Undergraduate, Chemistry | Frank Asamoah, Brandeis International Business School, MBA | Aliyu Alghali, Undergraduate, Chemistry | Alena Thotam, Undergraduate, Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Hampton University

PI: Prof. Thomas Pochapsky

Cancer Fighters+ is an ambitious group of researchers, business strategists, and students of medicine working together to address unmet needs in the treatment of cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer! Their focus is to identify clinically significant Cytochromes P450 that technology developed in the Pochapsky laboratory can target, and then bring this impressive new tool to industry partners to enable its development into a novel therapeutic. They hope to bring selective, effective treatments to market that minimize side effects for patients, leading to simplified care and increased quality of life!

Palm to Calm

hands holding a leaf
Shayna Mazel, PhD Candidate, Heller | Cierra Matthews, Undergraduate, Sports Sciences and Wellbeing, Hampton University | Sonam Deki, Heller MA student (SID with a concentration in gender studies) | Manny Glinsky, Undergraduate, Neuroscience and Philosophy

Professor Kenneth C. Hayes is the main inventor of palm fruit juice (PFJ) from Brandeis & has held a patent outlining PFJ's prevention of diabetes and related metabolic imbalances since 2016. PFJ is a cost-effective source for dietary phenolics which are known to delay or prevent the onset of serious cardiovascular and metabolic diseases through their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. PFJ is generated as the water-soluble byproduct in the palm oil production process & can be used as a functional ingredient into foods for humans, pets and farm animals. It can also be further concentrated and delivered in pill, powder, gel or liquid formulations.


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Riste Lazarov, Teamlift Intern | Meri Ushitkova, Teamlift Intern | Peizhao Li, PhD Candidate, Computer Science | Jingnu An, Masters Candidate, Computer Science | Yizheng (Darren) Deng, Brandeis International Business School, MSF

TeamLift is building the missing infrastructure for the skills economy through the first skills wallet. The skills wallet is a validated representation of a user’s skills and abilities on the blockchain. TeamLift has built superior human-centric AI that turns passive unstructured data from meetings, emails, productivity tools into real-time validated skills. Instead of relying on self-reported experience or skill assessments, the skills wallet serves as a ledger of what people have actually done. TeamLift’s tech is disrupting a process that is costly and highly manual and simply has no space in the dynamic post-covid work environment.


recycling symbol with plastic cup
Michael Sennett, PhD Candidate, Biochemistry and Biophysics | Roshni Ray, Undergraduate, Neuroscience | Lah Soukkaseum, Heller, MA, Sustainable International Development | Guilherme Gatti, Postdoc, Biology

NextZyme is a sustainable biotechnology company that upcycles single-use plastics into new plastic material. The PET, polyurethane, and polyamide plastics industry is expected to grow 10% from a $29 billion dollar industry to $32 billion dollar industry in 2025, and yet the production of a key starting material, benzene, has declined by half in the past 20 years. We can meet this market demand by giving single-use plastics a second life by engineering proteins to efficiently degrade polymers into their pure monomeric form and then upcycle those monomers into new polymer materials.

Past I-Corps Teams