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Brandeis University engages in research and scholarship that push the boundaries of knowledge, discover how the world works, and design innovations that improve society. In support of these endeavors, the University has developed an extremely active and supportive Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) to achieve a full range of competencies in licensing, business development and legal matters for transferring technologies created within Brandeis.

The Office of Technology Licensing

The OTL serves researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs and industry. We provide support and infrastructure to Brandeis investigators for technology development, commercialization and the development of products. We provide industry with cutting-edge technologies for licensing, as well as research collaborations.

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Brandeis Virtual Incubator

 provides a hub for innovation across the Brandeis campus. The center engages students, faculty, researchers, alumni and staff, promoting collaboration and discovery through research, grants and partnerships, The incubator includes the Hassenfeld Family Innovation Center, a partnership between the virtual incubator and the Brandeis International Business School, as well as our signature programs, I-CorpsSpark and Sprout.

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“Innovation is a natural occurrence on our campus.”

Rebecca Menapace, MBA, CLP

Associate Provost for Innovation and Executive Director, Office of Technology Licensing