Career Resources and Outcomes for Brandeis Innovators

Brandeis students visit a fabrication facility in Boston

Connect with resources to make your career happen!

A student networks at a Brandeis career event.

What career resources will I have as Brandeis innovator?

Brandeis offers a host of resources for students who aspire to careers as innovators.
An alumni presents with a current Brandeis Professor at a talk

What do Brandeis students go on to do after graduating?

Brandeis graduates are much in demand, with their interdisciplinary skills. Learn more about where you can go with a degree from Brandeis and innovation skills honed in the real world. 
A company recruits at a HYATT career center event on campus.

Who hires and recruits on campus?

From large corporations to cutting-edge startups, companies come to Brandeis looking for innovative students. See who's coming to a career fair next!

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