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Current and Past Spark Projects


Each year, students, faculty, and staff compete with each other in a unique competition: SparkTank. Winners come away with funding, mentorship, and the opportunity to take their innovations to the next level. Here are the grant winners taking part in this year's program:


TravelGo - Novel Travel Pillow

Sofiia Tarasiuk, Marisa Lala, Jiaye Tang

TravelGo is a startup focusing on creating a premium, customizable travel pillow with neck support, noise reduction, and temperature regulation for enhanced comfort during travel. The goal is to make TravelGo essential for every journey, transforming travel into a more enjoyable and accessible experience for everyone.

StreetScape - Tactile Street Map Puzzle for Visually Impaired Children

Areen Khalaila, Gianna Everette, Suho Kim

StreetScape promotes inclusive education by allowing sighted and visually-impaired children to utilize tactile learning tools and foster spatial awareness through interactive, accessible street puzzles. Our goal is to expand the range of tactile learning tools to offer personalized experiences at a large scale.

Candor - Conflict Resolution Video Game

Tara Opalinski

Candor is a video game that will be implemented into schools and provide students with conflict resolution skills to help build empathy and mitigate harm. The long-term vision is for the video game to have a track record of positive, long-term effects on mitigating harm amongst school-aged children, not only in their day-to-day life, but in equipping them with conflict resolution skills that serve them through adulthood.

Virtual Gymnastics Coach - Using Video for Gymnast Feedback

Virtual Gymnastics Coach
Zachery Hovatter, Yuting Xing

Virtual Gymnastics Coach is an app that takes video of gymnastics routines, scores the routine, identifies mistakes, and suggests personalized training methods/drills for improvement. Mistakes. The app will use pose-estimation software to do this, and the eventual goal is for the app to be even more accurate and helpful than a coach analyzing the gymnasts’ routine.

Global Internship Hub - Internship Website for International Students

Global Internship Hub
Sherren Jielita, Ligia Azevedo

GlobalInternshipHub aims to gather internship opportunities open to international students, breaking down the barriers that prevent them from acquiring internships. By offering a comprehensive job search platform, our goal is to become the go-to destination for international students seeking academic and career development opportunities.

re:threads - Cyclical Fashion and Invasive Species use for Packaging

Jacob Mikelberg, Riya Gupta, MoTong Nie, Audrey Brown

re:Threads aims to create a sustainable, cyclical form of fashion consumerism in which the materials used to create new clothing come from sustainable materials or textiles of old clothing collected from consumers. The startup also intends to create a completely sustainable form of packaging created with the invasive tree of heaven, thereby eliminating textile waste, packaging waste, and invasive species damage.

Labor Lingo - AI Translating Mobile App For Non-native Speakers In the Labor Industry

Labor Lingo
Andrey Gonzalez-Baeza, Rebecca Leon

Labor Lingo is on a mission to revolutionize the labor industry by helping non-native speakers in the workforce break down language barriers. Labor Lingo, is a powered AI translating app with purpose-built features that connect users to the experience by instantly translating words, phrases, slang, or lingo. Our long-term mission is to help non-native speakers have a quick, accessible tool regardless of their native language that would help them navigate through day-to-day work, access opportunities, share their expertise, and collaborate seamlessly.

JellyFish - AI for Help Desks

Eugenio Sanchez

JellyFish offers a Knowledge Management platform designed to transform support desks by leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) for efficient solution discovery. This innovative approach aims to optimize technology support operations and enhance customer service by enabling more streamlined and effective support interactions.

QuickSlot Health - Medical Record Automation

QuickSlot Health
Hisham Issak, Jason Tothy

QuickSlot Health is a hybrid tool for private practice physicians to automate and organize EMRs, enhancing efficiency, reducing charting time, and offering deeper patient insights. Our offline tool allows for private automation and organization of EMRs. Additional analytic data can be retrieved through anonymized and aggregated patient data for deeper insights into patient health and overall clinic insights.

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