Remis Grant

2023 Remis Summer Study Grants in Fine Art and Music

For first-years, sophomores and juniors with an interest in or commitment to fine arts and music

Merit Awards for summer study in Fine Arts and Music are available to undergraduate first-years, sophomores and juniors with a strong interest and scholastic record in Fine Arts or Music. Interested students, not necessarily concentrating in either of these fields, may now apply to the Remis Merit Awards Committee for a study grant to be awarded summer 2023.

These awards are intended to help finance research and study in Fine Arts or Music for one summer term during the undergraduate career. With the continued uncertainty due to COVID-19, if your project involves travel or in-person group studio-based projects or performances, please submit a brief contingency research plan in the event that travel and research restrictions are in effect in Summer 2023.

To Apply:

  1. Draw up a detailed, well-organized description of the proposed project. The proposal should describe: how the project fits into class, studio work or musical performance over the course of the term; what courses or facilities outside of Brandeis will be used in conjunction with the project; what you hope to discover from the research; and the estimated schedule or time-frame for the project. 
  2. Include a separate budget page that clearly itemizes all costs associated with the project. The budget page should also total all costs.
  3. Submit supporting statements from two faculty members.
  4. Supply transcripts of academic records.
  5. Provide your student id number and email address.
  6. Provide your mailing address for award notification and grant check.
  7. A university W-9 form (pdf) with the highlighted portion filled out.

Application Deadline: Sunday, April 30

For music applicants, applications should be sent to:

REMIS Summer Study Grants
c/o Professor Bob Nieske

For fine arts applicants, applications should be sent to:

REMIS Summer Study Grants
c/o Professor Alfredo Gisholt