Rachel Minkin
Constructing Jewish Lives: Emerging Adults and the Jewish Cultural Toolkit
Taylor Amber
Contest and Controversy in the Creation of the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center, 1984-1987


Gangzheng She
The Dragon Behind the Curtain:  China and the Arab-Israeli Conflict during the Cold War
Celene Ibrahim
From Hawaa to Huris:  Female Figures in the Qur'an
Golan Moskowitz
Wild, Outside, in the Night:  Maurice Sendak, Queer American Jewishness, and the Child


Mostafa Hussein
Hebrew Scholarship on Islam 1894-1950
Susanna Klosko

The Infirm, the Unfortunate, and the Aged: "Likely Public Charges," Immigration Control, and the Yishuv in Theory and Practice

James Moore

"I am Unable to Do my Job:" Literary Depictions of the Scribal Profession in the Story of Ahiqar and Jeremiah 36

Aviv Ben-Or

The Possibilities of an Arab-Jewish Poetics: A Study of the Arabic and Hebrew Fiction of Shimon Ballas and Sami Michael

Jeremy Morrison

Renovating a Deity: The Formation of Biblical Craftsmanship Metaphors and the Artisanal God-Talk of Deutero-Isaiah


Jason Olson

The Impact of the Six-Day War on Jewish-Protestant Relations

Lucia Finotto

Between Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin: Jewish Translators of Islamic Sciences in the Medieval Kingdom of Sicily


Joshua Cypess

Jewish Medical Culture: Case Studies in End-of-Life Decision Making

Allyson Celeste Gonzalez

Finding a Place for the Past: Sephardic Reconfigurations of Spain and Palestine, 1914-1968

Daniel Judson

Pennies from Heaven: The History of American Synagogues and Money

Malka Zeiger Simkovich

"Let All Life Be in Common:" Jewish Universalism from the Hebrew Bible through the Second Temple Period

Bronson Slade Brown-deVost

Commentary and Authority in Mesopotamia and Qumran

Zev Eleff

Power, Pulpits and Pews: Religious Authority and the Formation of American Judaism, 1816-1885

Emily Paige Sigalow

The JUBUs: The Encounter between Judaism and Buddhism in America

Zeynep Civcik

Civil-Military Relations in Israel and Turkey: A Comparative Study on Military Interventions


Alexandra Herzog

Erotic Underworlds: Gender and Sexuality in the Work of Isaac Bashevis Singer

Monika Rice

What! Still Alive? First Encounters of Jewish Survivors with their Former Polish Neighbors in Postwar Accounts

Eric Fleisch

Israeli NGOs and American Jewish Donors: The Structures and Dynamics of Power Sharing in a New Philanthropic Era

Mina Muraoka

Jews & The Russo-Japanese War: The Triangular Relationship between Jewish POWs, Japan, and Jacob H. Schiff


Shay Rabineau

Mapping The Nation: Simun Shvilim and the Creation of Isarel's Hiking Trail Network

Zvi Ish-Shalom

Radical Death: The Paradoxical Unity of Body, Soul and the Cosmos in Lurianic Kabbalah

Rachel L. Fish

Figuring Bi-Nationalism: The Transformation of Bi-nationalism in Palestine/Israel 1920s to Present

Jason M. H. Gaines

Poetic Features in Priestly Narrative Texts

Irina Astashkevich
The Pogroms in Ukraine in 1917-1920: An Alternate Universe


Ezra Labaton

A Comprehensive Analysis of Rabenu Abraham Maimuni's Biblical Commentary

David E. Bokovoy

Yahweh as Sexual Deity in J's Prehistory

Deborah Skolnick-Einhorn

Power of the Purse: Social Change in Jewish Women's Philanthropy


Joseph Ringel

The Sephardic Rabbinate, Sephardic Yeshivot, and the Shas Educational System

D. Gershon Lewental

Qadisiyyah, then and now: A case study of history and memory, religious, and national in Middle Eastern discourse

Randy Geller

Non-Jewish Minorities and the Question of Military Service in the Israel Defense Forces, 1948-195

James R. Getz, Jr.

Limited Engagement with the Divine: Rites of Temporary Cultic Transition in Ugaritic and Biblical Texts


Vassili Shchedrin

Jewish Bureaucracy in Late Imperial Russia: The Phenomenon of Expert Jews, 1850-1917

Tomer Levi

The Shaping of a Levantine Community: The Jews of Beirut, 1860-1939