Directed Readings Courses

A directed readings course is essentially a one-on-one independent study at the graduate level, which the student arranges individually with a professor if the topic is not already covered in regularly offered courses. The 300-level courses available are listed in the online Brandeis Bulletin. (If a particular topic is not already listed in the 300-level readings courses, an instructor may request that the Registrar create a new number for the new topic.) Several students may arrange for a directed readings course together, if appropriate.

To Sign Up:

  1. The student should make an appointment with the instructor and fill out the attached Independent Graduate Study Contract as well as arrange periodic meetings and assemble a curriculum (reading list).
  2. The student should take the contract to the NEJS office to obtain the Director of Gradaute Studies' signature and to request the proper course subtitle form from Registrar.
  3. The NEJS office will issue the student a permission code with which s/he can use to register for the course.