Master's Program Language Policy

All candidates are required to demonstrate language proficiency, normally in biblical or modern Hebrew or Arabic. The language requirement for Hebrew or Arabic may be fulfilled in one of two ways:

  1. By enrolling in and receiving a grade of B- or higher in a 40-level or higher Hebrew or Arabic course, or by passing a classical Hebrew text course, or modern Hebrew literature course taught in Hebrew;
  2. By passing a language examination offered by the advisor or by the Hebrew or Arabic faculty.
The same options apply to master's students in NEJS, NEJS-Hornstein, NEJS-Coexistence and Conflict, and NEJS-WGS. NEJS BA-MA students have automatically completed the language requirement by completing the NEJS major. Since Master's students may enter the NEJS MA program with no prior Hebrew experience, the minimum level of competence required is implicitly fourth-semester Hebrew, with specific proficiency in modern academic Hebrew, which students can achieve by taking a Hebrew course every semester of their two-year residency.

MA students may take Hebrew courses lower than 100 for credit toward the 14 courses required for their degree, although these courses cannot be counted among the eight disciplinary courses that must be taken with NEJS faculty.