Sara Hascal

Sara HascalDirector of the Hebrew Language and Literature ProgramAssociate Professor of the Practice of Hebrew


  • Middlebury College, DML
  • Lesley College, MA

  • Hebrew College, MA

  • Tel-Aviv University, BHL

  • Tel-Aviv University of Ramat Aviv, Cert.


Hebrew language, Modern Israeli literature and culture, Israeli Theater and Drama pedagogy, creative reading and writing, Theories and methodologies in second language acquisition.Selected Publications


Sara Hascal, DML- Doctor of Modern Languages
Associate Professor of the practice of Hebrew and Director of the Hebrew Language Program.
Dr. Hascal’s research focuses on the effect of using modern short Israeli plays to improve communication skills and cultural awareness for Hebrew language learners. In her courses, she integrates the improvement of language skills while focusing on teaching about Israeli culture and literature. Her goal is for her students to gain better intercultural knowledge and understanding, develop critical skills and broaden and transform their worldviews while simultaneously improving their proficiency in Hebrew.
Dr. Hascal has developed courses which enhance the subject matter through the study of traditions, history, politics, business, arts and cultural aspects of Israel. Together with her colleagues, she has published the widely used textbook “Brandeis Modern Hebrew”. She is currently the Assistant Director of the School of Hebrew at Middlebury college.

Courses Taught

HBRW 121b Let's converse in Hebrew: Life Challenges of an Israeli Family through a TV Series
HBRW 124a Hebrew for Business, Doing Business in Start-Up Nation
HBRW 144a Hebrew through Plays and Drama
HBRW 146a The Voices of Jerusalem
HBRW 162b Translation Practice and Theory
HBRW 164b Israeli Theater
HBRW 167b The Sleeping Beauty: The Revival of Modern Hebrew

Awards and Honors

Teaching Innovation Grant, Center for Teaching and Learning, Brandeis University (2020)

Leah Hurwich Prize for excellence in the field of education (1987)

Robert A. Carpenter Scholarship for a distinguished Hebrew College student (1987)

recognition for 36 years of service (1984)


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