Department Chair

Fernando Rosenberg
Fernando Rosenberg
Chair, Department of Romance Studies
Professor of Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature
781-736-3209 Shiffman Humanities Center, 109
Office Hours: M 1:00–2:00 PM or by appointment.

Administrative Staff

Katie Dickinson
Katie Dickinson
Academic Administrator
781-736-3323 Shiffman Humanities Center, 108
Mon-Fri 9:00am–4:30pm. I'm usually working on campus on Monday through Thursday and remotely on Friday. I'm always available during business hours, via phone, email, Zoom, etc.!

Undergraduate Advising Heads

Catherine Theobald
Catherine Theobald
Undergraduate Advising Head, French and Francophone Studies
Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies
781-736-3212 Shiffman Humanities Center, 208
Office Hours: M 8:00–9:00 AM & 11:00 AM–12:00 PM; and F 11:00 AM–12:00 PM; or by appointment.
photo of Zoila Castro
Zoila Castro
Undergraduate Advising Head, Hispanic Studies
Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies
781-736-2155 Shiffman Humanities Center, 103
Office Hours: M,W,Th, 12:10–1:10 PM and by appointment.
Paola Servino
Paola Servino
Co-Chair and Undergraduate Advising Head, Italian Studies
Associate Professor of the Practice of Italian Studies
781-736-3226 Shiffman Humanities Center, 101
Office Hours: M,W 2:15–3:15 PM; T 1:35–2:35 PM; and by appointment.

Directors of Language Programs

Hollie Harder
Hollie Harder
Director of French and Italian Language Programs, Romance Studies
Professor of French and Francophone Studies
781-736-3195 Shiffman Humanities Center, 106
Office Hours: in-person: M,W,Th 12:20–1:10 PM, and by appointment; virtual: by appointment only.
Elena González Ros
Elena González Ros
Director of the Spanish Language Program, Romance Studies
Associate Professor of the Practice of Hispanic Studies
781-736-2731 Shiffman Humanities Center, 113
Office Hours: M 11:30 AM–1:10 PM; and W 12:00–12:50 PM; or by appointment.


For full lists and contact information of the faculty members in our department, see the following pages: