ROMS would like to provide some clarifications so that you can plan your schedule and make any adjustments, as appropriate, when registration reopens via Sage.

  • No ROMS classes are completely asynchronous (that is, with no determined meeting time). Thus, you cannot enroll in two courses for which the block times overlap. Accommodations will be provided to those students who, for exceptional reasons, cannot attend class meetings synchronously. Please contact the professor directly to discuss accommodations.

  • While most classes will be scheduled to meet twice per week for 90 minutes (either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday), language-level courses (numbered 10-30) will be scheduled four times per week, but students will not meet for the full 90 minutes each day. These longer blocks are meant to accommodate cleaning protocols, smaller groups if needed, longer sessions vs shorter sessions, or office hours, according to instructor’s modalities but will not impact the actual contact hours required for the class.
  • ALL students (on- and off-campus) are welcome to enroll in ROMS courses, regardless of its mode of instruction, which are listed below in more detail.
ROMS Modes of Instruction:
  • Offered in-person:

    In-person classes are designed for students to participate in a safe, physically distanced classroom, but will accommodate students remotely (online) who are unable to participate in-person. In addition, all faculty will need to be prepared to enable the remote participation of students who cannot attend in-person for a period of time, due to unplanned events such as the need to quarantine due to exposure or to isolate due to illness.

  • Offered in a hybrid mode, a combination of in-person and remote (online) instruction:
    Hybrid courses are a combination of in-person and remote (online) class sessions. These courses are open both to students located off-campus connecting remotely and to students located on campus able to attend classes in a classroom. Some hybrid courses may also include asynchronous elements.
  • Offered remotely:

    Remote courses are offered online synchronously (held at a particular time, say, on Zoom). Some courses may also include asynchronous elements.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of the contacts below, or the course instructor:

Placement, Language-level courses (10-108):
Major/Minor, Upper-level literature and culture courses:
General inquiries, not sure whom to contact:

Fall 2020 Course Listings

Each semester, Romance Studies offers many varied and interesting courses in each of its three disciplines: French and Francophone Studies, Hispanic Studies and Italian Studies.

Please follow the following links for course descriptions and a schedule of our Fall 2020 classes:

For short video introductions to some of our course offerings, visit our ROMS Course Videos page.

2020-2021 Provisional University Bulletin

For a complete course listing and degree requirements, please refer to the 2020-2021 Provisional University Bulletin on the Registrar's website:

Schedule of Classes

Please check the Schedule of Classes on the Registrar's website for the most up-to-date information about course times, instructors, enrollments, and meeting locations (as soon as they are available) as well as links to lists of the books required.